On the first of January, TEN, specialist in global engineering, split its activities into four business units. The consultancy activities were transferred to the new business unit elva, which provides its clients with temporary extra resources and know-how in the field of Design, Engineering and Management. Elva, extra brains to the rescue.
Growth is seizing opportunities, making choices and defining even more sharply what you want to do as a company. To give this growth every opportunity and to serve customers even better, there is now elva. Elva is TEN plus one and means eleven in Swedish. It is therefore no coincidence that elva focuses on offering temporary extra resources and know-how. 

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At elva, we are convinced that project-based consultancy is the future. Customers only use additional resources when they need them. Elva specialises in technical employee profiles: Designers, Engineers & Managers.
Companies are also at the right address at elva for profiles that are more difficult to find. Sometimes you need someone who can theoretically analyse and anatomize a subject to the bone. A consultant who, thanks to his theoretical and academic background, can find a solution to a specific question or problem in a specific niche. For these companies, elva finds the Blue Label Consultant with the necessary theoretical baggage based on the concrete briefing. 
As a new player in the consultancy market, elva intends to enthusiastically continue writing the story that was created under the wings of TEN. Brighter, smoother, more balanced and with even more expertise.